Jacob's Mulgrew Haulage visit (Heysham)

30-October-2023 14:47
in General
by Admin

It was a great pleasure to invite Jacob and Dianne Briggs to the Heysham depot to see some of our trucks at our Heysham depot. Jacob was excited to sit in one of the V8 trucks (below pictures) and had plenty of question for the driver (Tony Wilding) who was happy to show and answer questions that Jacob had about the Vehicle. Andy Russell (depot manager) who arranged the visit, was supprised and amazed how much Jacob knew about the Scania 660 V8. Who knows one day Mulgrew Haulage might have a potenial driver for one of the V8 called Jacob. It was great to meet you Jacob and hope you have enjoyed your goodie bag and dont forget to wave when you see our lorrys on the road.